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Rihanna 'using love block app'

Rihanna's friends have reportedly made her use an app to stop her getting in touch with Chris Brown.

Rihanna-using-love-block-appThe two stars had a tumultuous relationship, during which he was convicted of assaulting her. They got back together but things didn't work out and Rihanna has been single since their split last year.

Although she knows their romance is toxic it's been claimed she still misses Chris and sometimes wants to reach out to him. Her friends are adamant that her future lies without the R&B star, which is why they told her to use a mobile phone app to block his number.

"She can have problems with self-control when it comes to rekindling that relationship and after a big night out she kept talking about missing him, so we took matters into our own hands," an insider told British magazine Heat.

The application Rihanna used apparently hides contact details for 48 hours, making it impossible for you to get in touch with the person. There is also the option to text yourself warning against sending any messages you might regret at a later point.

Although she's single, the Barbados-born singer hasn't been short of offers. She is rumoured to have enjoyed a flirtation with A$AP Rocky, while in November it was claimed her ex-boyfriend Drake was hoping to rekindle things.

"He told her, 'Life would be more fun with me,' and even joked that they should get married," a source told British magazine Heat. "Rihanna's friends are really pleased. They think Drake is a positive influence on her, encouraging her to cut back on pot smoking and constant partying."

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